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Dr. Tarek Halabi

Profound Healing and Vibrant Health

Dr. Tarek Halabi globally provides holistic health services that will empower you to forge your path to total wellness and ultimate happiness.

Dr. Tarek Halabi, N.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Tarek Halabi is the Founding President of World Holistic Health Center. As a Reiki Master, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Intuitive Consultant, he brings a powerful deepness of unparalleled expertise to the infinite world of general fitness. His comprehensive approach encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of health, fostering elation, stamina, vitality, and wholeness in his diverse clients. 

Dr. Tarek Halabi’s remarkable journey has led him to become a beacon of healing and health across the world. He has guided thousands of individuals worldwide towards a life of integrative wellness and superior fulfillment.

Extraordinary Intuition

Dr. Tarek Halabi's exceptional intuitive abilities empower him to navigate the depths of your inner self, offering intelligent guidance and transformative mentoring that truly stand as a momentous testament to his remarkable knowledge and subtle awareness.  

Explore Our Services

Our mission is to guide you to optimal health and pristine joy, nurturing your body, mind, emotions, and spirit through the following holistic practices.

Reiki Healing - World Holistic Health Center - Dr. Tarek Halabi

Reiki Healing

Harness the power of Reiki Healing as Dr. Tarek Halabi channels universal life force energy to increase euphoria, decrease stress, and cultivate calmness. Experience recuperation and reformation.

Available for Distance and In-Person sessions

Chakra Balancing

Elevate your well-being through Chakra Balancing with Dr. Tarek Halabi, harmonizing your seven vital energy centers for enhanced self-worth, pleasant mood, and emotional liberation. Unblock, align, and optimize your chakras to promote potent mind-body integration.

Available for Distance and In-Person sessions

Intuitive Consultation - World Holistic Health Center - Dr. Tarek Halabi

Intuitive Consultation

Experience the transformative power of Intuitive Consultation with Dr. Tarek Halabi. Unlock your limitless potential and acquire a broad spectrum of insights for personal development and professional advancement, covering important topics from health to life's purpose. Enjoy a journey of real change and positive attainment. 

Available for Online and In-Person sessions

Premium Intuitive Consultation - World Holistic Health Center - Dr. Tarek Halabi

Premium Intuitive


Achieve exclusive, on-demand access to Dr. Tarek Halabi for perceptive guidance and creative support in your personal and professional endeavors.

Available for Online sessions

Begin Your Journey

At World Holistic Health Center, we believe in the immense power of personal transformation and natural healing. Dr. Tarek Halabi cordially invites you to embark on a beautiful adventure of self-discovery. Your journey to complete ecstasy begins here and now. 

World Holistic Health Center - Dr. Tarek Halabi
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