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Success Stories

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The professional services provided by World Holistic Health Center are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, and/or prevent any human diseases. If you are suffering from a medical condition, please consult a licensed physician. The information provided on this website does not substitute for medical care. Thank you. 

“I was very sad because my mother recently passed away. Tarek has done a great job in sending me distance Reiki energy. I felt a deep state of relaxation and serenity during and after the session.”


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“I felt my energetic body was blocked and my mind was clouded. I wanted a distance chakra balancing session. It was wonderful. I felt so calm and relaxed.”


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“I had an in-person Reiki session with Tarek. It was truly amazing. I felt a state of peace and unity.”


“Tarek is a terrific Reiki healer. I recently divorced my wife after a marriage of 25 years. I felt depressed and hopeless. I desperately needed some help. A friend of mine told me about Tarek. I decided to try one session with him. Tarek relieved me from a deeply emotional pain. I feel much better now. I am thankful and grateful.”


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“I always had an issue controlling my constant fear in life. I decided to try an alternative approach. I had a chakra balancing session with Tarek. I felt rejuvenated and revitalized.”


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“I had an intuitive consultation with Dr. Tarek Halabi. It was one of the best decisions I made. I was in a transition state in my life, and I needed some major guidance. Getting married, a potential new career, moving to a new country, and disharmony with my parents. What Tarek provided was a broad vision and a clear perspective that allowed me to take an appropriate course of action.”


“Wow, I have never felt so blissful in my life. My body and mind have been charged with positive energy with the fantastic chakra balancing session.”


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“First, I was skeptical. But then I decided to have one Reiki session with Tarek. I wanted some empowerment in my lonely life. I am so glad I did. I feel so awesome, even a week after the session.”


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“Tarek has worked on my chakra system. I experienced an unusual high level of vitality for many days. Thank you.”


“I am a lung cancer patient, and I underwent chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy. I felt very weak and feeble. I then heard about Reiki. A friend of mine recommended me Tarek. I had a Reiki session with him. It is implausible how my physical and emotional pain gradually disappeared. Thank you, Tarek.”


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“I was suffering from chronic physical and emotional pain throughout my life. I decided to try Reiki. I had a session with Tarek. He was so caring and loving. Pain has progressively gone away. I never felt so happy before. I strongly recommend anyone with physical and emotional pain to have a Reiki session with Tarek.”


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“I have been struggling with health issues for a long time. I then wanted to experiment with holistic health. A friend recommended me Tarek. I have had Reiki and chakra balancing sessions with him. Tarek has always been so professional and competent. He genuinely cares about my well-being.”


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